Write & Compose master recipe

Imagine what would happen if you just walked into the kitchen and started cooking. You don’t know what meal you want to cook, who it’s for and don’t have the ingredients to hand. Do you think that approach is likely to produce great results? 

We need to get the basic process right if we want to produce something good. Songwriting is the same. This recipe will guide you through that workflow and help you write a simple song. Once you have mastered this workflow you can start to spice things up and use other recipes to add flavour. 

Here are the high-level steps, we will look at each one as we step through the recipe.

1. Decide what to cook

Before we start cooking we need to know what our song will be about, who it’s for and what we want to make them feel

2. gather ingredients

We need to make sure we have all the right ingredients and utensils to hand. The right ideas, words and musical components together

3. Combine

We will assemble our song, write the lyrics and create the hooks and groove

4. bake

We will review the song and identify ways to improve it. This is what makes the difference between a soggy mess and a delicious song