Songwriting method

Songwriting is complex, a methodical approach will help you write better songs

"I managed to finish a song in a day. That wouldn't have happened without this method."

What is this recipe?

There are lots of ways to write a song but it helps to have a methodical approach that works. This recipe is a structured songwriting method based on the experience of professionals. 

Four steps to a song

1. Understand songwriting

- The job of a songwriter
- Songwriting mindset
- Songwriting is an iterative process
- What makes a hit
- Where to start

2. Ideas and plans

- Find great song ideas
- Be audience centred
- Say it in a new way
- Collect the ingredients of success

3. Song layout

- Song forms
- The role of each section
- How to create contrast

4. How to...

- Write lyrics
- Write music
- Create contrast

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