Write about the last time you lied

  • James 

We all tell lies, even the most truthful of us. They might be white lies like keeping a surprise party secret or they might be more selfish.

The most common lies are the ones we tell ourselves. These are insidious as we often don’t even realise we’re doing it.

You can populate your song by thinking about the last time you lied. Ask yourself:

  • Who did I lie to?
  • Was it on purpose?
  • How often do I lie?
  • Why did I lie?
  • What do I feel about it?
  • What might happen if I’m found out?

Alternatively you could create a character who’s told a lie/lies.

  • Why are they lying?
  • Who are they lying to?
  • What will happen as a result?
  • When might the truth come out?

Tell the story in the verses and convey the emotion in the chorus. Surprise us in the bridge by giving us a whole new perspective on what happened.

Happy writing!

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