Create interest in the song or composition by using different types of melodic form throughout the piece.

Why use it

Make sections of you song distinct. Use the appropriate melodic form for the feeling you wish to create.

How to use it

There are three different melodic forms:

  • Static motion
  • Stepwise motion
  • Skips/leaps

Static motion is where the melody remains on one note or perhaps occasionally a neighbour tone in the scale. Essentially we stick to one note and just vary the rhythm. This form is used surprisingly often.

Stepwise motion is where the melody moves up and down the scale without jumping any notes. This creates a tight, controlled and stable feeling.

Skips and leaps This is where the melody jumps notes in the scale. It generally creates a powerful expansive, dramatic feeling.

Use different forms for different sections of your song. For instance you verse could move by step, you pre-chorus by leaps and you chorus could be static.


The Starwars imperial march uses leaps to create a feeling of power.

Tailor Swift uses static melodies in many of her songs to create a modern, direct feel.

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